Mix Equipment Magazine Shows How Quality Paves the Way

Vine Grove plant is latest addition to Scotty’s asphalt production evolution:

If you’re driving through the central part of Kentucky, chances are Scotty’s Contracting and Stone, LLC built the road. Since 1972 when James Scott acquired a paving business, this asphalt contractor has been meticulously building not only solid projects, but also a solid reputation as an industry leader.

Scotty’s has asphalt production facilities located throughout Central Kentucky, and its latest plant addition in Vine Grove represents the company’s ongoing quest to invest in the latest technology offered in a high-production drum plant facility.

All facilities are operated by computer controlled mixing and loadout controls to ensure consistent and reliable product to supply its own demanding project specifications, as well as the high expectations of independent paving contractors who buy their mix at one of Scotty’s production facilities.

Whether Scotty’s 11 paving crews are paving 92 continuous interstate miles, a grand-prix style racetrack, an airport runway, or a residential driveway, using high-quality asphalt mix produced by the most up-to-date equipment and technology, and backed by over 45-years of experience, has served this asphalt contractor well in delivering a quality project day-in and day-out. Scotty’s 430 associates and $70 million of equipment are put to the test each day, with “Quality Paves the Way” serving as the driving mantra to inspire all to do their best work.

Vine Grove

When it came time to replace an existing plant at Scotty’s Vine Grove location, recycling was a major consideration and adding a reclaimed asphalt shingle (RAS) feed bin to the facility would make it only the second plant in Scotty’s production operation capable of incorporating RAS into its RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) mix designs.

At the heart of the plant is an Astec 500 TPH Double Barrel drum mixer fired by a Phoenix Talon 125 MBTU/hr. natural gas/#2 fuel oil burner. The mixer is equipped with a warm mix system used to foam both hot and warm mix designs. The production is fed by eight cold feed bins and three RAP bins, with one having steeper walls to accommodate better flow of… [More on Mix Equipment Magazine’s Website…]