Special 2021 Employee Referral Program for Scotty’s & TS Trucking

Special 2021 Employee Referral Program for Scotty’s & TS Trucking

Scotty’s and TS are growing and in need of quality employees.  You as a Scotty’s or TS employee, are the best recruiters we have, and we need your help.  To reward employees who refer outstanding applicants for employment at Scotty’s and TS Trucking, we are offering the following referral program.

All Scotty’s and TS Trucking employees (excluding senior management and Human Resource department employees) are eligible to participate in this program.

During the time period beginning March 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021, eligible employees will be incentivized to refer outstanding applicants to be hired by Scotty’s or TS Trucking.  Applicants should be individuals who will be valuable assets to Scotty’s and TS.  Referrals should possess:

    • Outstanding work ethic,
    • Great skills and abilities,
    • Willing to learn and grow with Scotty’s & TS.

Referred candidates must successfully complete the application, interview and reference checking process and join either of our companies no later than June 1, 2021.  Successfully hired applicants (and the referring employees) must also remain employed through August 31, 2021 for the referring employee to receive an incentive.  Employees can refer someone to either Scotty’s or TS Trucking and receive credit for either company.

Referral Incentive(s):
Upon successful hire and completion of the three (3) month employment period (June 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021), the referring employee will receive a monetary incentive as follows:

1st successful referral – $250.00
2nd successful referral – $350.00
3rd successful referral – $500.00

All additional successful referrals – $500.00

In addition, the employee who successfully refers the highest number of new individuals, will receive an additional $2,500.00 “Top Referrer” incentive.  In the event of a tie for the top number of successful referrals, the $2,500.00 “Top Referrer” incentive will be split amongst the top referring employees.


    1. Employee successfully refers two employees; the referring employee will receive $600.00.
    2. Employee successfully refers four employees; the referring employee will receive $1,600.00. And, if this employee happens to be the one who refers the highest number of successful referrals, they will receive an additional $2,500.00 for a total referral bonus of $4,100.00.
    3. Two employees successfully refer five employees and tie for the highest number of successful referrals; both referring employees would receive $2,100 each for their successful referrals, plus ½ of the $2,500.00 ($1,250.00 each) for a total referral bonus of $3,350.00.

Referral Procedure:

    • Scotty’s or TS Trucking employees can refer an applicant by doing the following:
      • Contacting the potential applicant and either:
        • Giving them an application to complete (applicant must indicate on the application who is referring them for that person to receive credit for the referral),
        • Having the applicant go to one of our offices to fill out an application, or,
        • Requesting the applicant log on to the Scotty’s website to apply on-line (scottyscontracting.com). Click on: “Our People” tab, then click on: “Employment Opportunities” tab, and click on a “Position Title” to complete an On-Line application.
      • Applicants MUST list the name of the Scotty’s or TS Trucking employee on the application for the employee to receive credit for the referral, or, The employee MUST notify the Human Resources department in writing (text or email) that an applicant will be applying for a job with the company.
    • If an employee hopes to receive credit for a referral, it is extremely important for the applicant to be directly linked to the employee who referred them. This will avoid confusion or disagreement


    1. A special “Fast Track” Applicant Hiring Process will be implemented to give this internal referral program preferential hiring treatment. Individuals identified as a referral during this program will be given an immediate opportunity for a phone interview, face time or “Zoom” interview.  Every effort will be given to “fast track” these applicants for a priority hiring.
    2. Incentives will be paid out as soon as possible after the August 31, 2021 conclusion of this program.
    3. All incentives are taxable income.
    4. Applicants (or the referring employee) must designate in advance of their initial interview (or during their initial interview) who referred them for eligibility in this program.
    5. In the event of multiple referral sources (an applicant lists more than one Scotty’s or TS Trucking employee as the person who referred them, or multiple employees list the same applicant as being referred by them will most likely be resolved by the applicant. The applicant is the individual who will be required to designate who actually referred them – no applicants will be allowed to designate someone as a referral source after the interview process has begun (unless this is determined immediately prior to an interview).