Guiding Principles


  • “Quality Paves The Way” is Scotty’s mantra and way of doing business. Everything we do is centered around quality products and workmanship.
  • We are committed to providing all customers the same level of highest quality – no matter the size of the project.
  • We will accomplish this task by using the latest technology available that will propel our industry into the future.
  • To our employees, quality means treating each job as if it were their own driveway – no exceptions.


  • Scotty’s Contracting & Stone is committed to providing all employees a safe and healthful working environment. The company will strive to comply with applicable federal, state and local safety laws and regulations.
  • We recognize that our people drive our success. As the most critical resource, employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work conditions, and procedures that promote protection of health and safety.
  • Public Safety – In the highway construction business, our work space is shared with the traveling public… the safety of our employees and the traveling public depends on safe and efficient flow of traffic through our highway construction zones. To this end, Scotty’s is committed to the highest industry standards regarding Motor Vehicle Operations & Work Zone Safety.


  • Scotty’s Contracting will conduct business in a fair and equitable manner with its customers, subcontractors, vendors and employees.
  • As a manufacturer of public roadways, Scotty’s will provide the taxpayers reliable, safe and cost-effective transportation infrastructure.
  • Scotty’s will abide by all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.
  • Scotty’s will make every effort to safeguard our environment and operate as “green” as possible.


  • We recognize the impact our company has on the welfare of our employees and their families.
  • Our people take pride in the operation and maintenance of our equipment, plants and facilities.
  • Hard work and dedication from all employees are integral parts of our success.
  • Every employee’s performance impacts the success of our company, and as employee owners, every employee impacts their own success.

Quality Paves the Way