Vine Grove

Vine Grove

There is some exciting news to report on our newest venture for Scotty’s Contracting. We refer to it as our “Vine Grove Stone Yard”!

Last month we finalized the details to purchase a 65 acre parcel of land in Vine Grove, KY. This land will become the future site for a rock yard and asphalt plant to better serve the Elizabethtown market.

Members of our Survey Department and Grade & Drain Division have been very busy working to prepare the site for us to ship rock from our Grayson Quarry (via rail cars) to Vine Grove. The site will have a scale house and an asphalt plant (which will be moved from Ft. Knox this winter).

The Vine Grove rock yard will be an extension of our Grayson Quarry and will enable us to nearly double the yearly output of rock from the quarry! You may not know, but the Grayson Quarry already has a railroad spur on the property from many years ago when rock was shipped by rail from the quarry. This spur is being refurbished and brought back to life so rock can once again be shipped to Vine Grove along the P&L Railroad line. A spur will also be constructed on the new site and will accept rail cars loaded with crushed rock. This rock will be sold to the public and used to make asphalt at the new asphalt plant.

So, while we are busy preparing the new site, we are also making plans to erect a scale house, asphalt plant and purchase rail cars (and a locomotive to move the cars)! It all adds up to another very busy fall and winter.