"There are no rules here—we’re trying to accomplish something."

Edison may have said it first, but Scotty’s is built on this principle: in our business, nothing’s off the table.


3D Project Engineering

Our construction process begins in our engineering room, where our team uses drone images and CAD software to render 3-dimensional images of all project sites. Models are accurate to within a quarter-inch of the actual location, resulting in precision measurements of material and scheduling.

Our teams use these comprehensive models to engineer the most efficient construction methods for faster results at reduced costs to the project owner.

GPS Machine Control

From the engineering room to the project site, early-stage construction begins with connecting our field teams and equipment with the 3D design plans. All major heavy machinery is equipped with GPS devices which interpret project plans and ensure accurate execution.

This digital connection not only ensures that our work in the field accurately reflects the project design, it is also a valuable real-time communication tool which allows our field teams to respond quickly to any project design changes that may occur.

Quarry Testing

Once a roadway project is accurately graded, the next step typically involves laying a base course of aggregate stone material. Scotty’s uses in-depth, industry leading methods for testing our aggregate quality.

Our mining operations communicate closely with our quality control technicians to identify high quality material sources, and we take controlled measures to wash and clean materials used for asphalt production.

Mix Design

Scotty’s owns and operates a state-of-the-art design and testing laboratory as part of its Quality Control division. Our lab earned accreditation from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2021 in recognition of our commitment to quality.

Accredited labs undergo third-party assessments to evaluate the ability to perform quality control tests with high levels of accuracy and precision. As an accredited lab, Scotty’s is qualified to design and produce mixes for airports and other tightly regulated projects.

3D Milling & Paving

When it comes time to lay the final surface on a roadway project, our asphalt paving teams use advanced tools to help ensure the smoothest, most durable surfaces in the state. We outfit our milling and paving machines with 3D devices also known as Automated Machine Guidance technology (AMG).

These control the vertical position of a machine’s components and will automatically adjust elevation and slope to match exact specifications of any project—resulting in less wasted material, more cost savings, and better accuracy of the final product.

3D Project Engineering
GPS Machine Control
Quarry Testing
Mix Design
3D Milling & Paving


Green Innovations & Sustainability

As one of Kentucky’s leading manufacturers of aggregates and asphalt, Scotty’s is constantly seeking new ways to reduce energy consumption and make production of our materials more sustainable. Asphalt is the most recycled construction material used today, and our team of hot-mix designers continue to push the envelope for the reuse of material. To date, we’ve gained KYTC approval for mix designs containing up to 30% recycled asphalt, and we’re just getting started.

At our quarries and asphalt plant facilities, we use energy monitoring systems to reduce energy consumption. These technologies increase the accuracy of our heat measurements and use automated technology to shut off systems once the necessary temperatures are met.



Quality Control Technologies

Scotty’s quality roads are built with superior materials, starting with the raw aggregates and ending with the final application of asphalt. Our Quality Control teams test our materials using advanced methods and technologies to ensure lasting results.

Accredited Lab
Balanced Mix

AASHTO-Accredited QC Laboratory

Scotty’s in-house QC lab is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), which formally recognizes our competency to perform specific tests on construction materials.

Accreditation requires a rigorous third-party assessment, during which test methods are performed in their entirety by the lab’s technical staff. It also includes thorough review of lab equipment for calibration accuracy and functionality.

Balanced Mix

Balanced Mix Design (BMD) uses performance tests on appropriately conditioned sample specimens to address multiple forms of distress, taking into consideration mix aging, traffic, climate and location within the pavement structure.

Scotty’s uses balanced mix design to ensure the highest levels of asphalt performance and to prevent premature cracking. This method also allows us to innovate new mix designs and optimize materials for greater cost efficiency and quality.


Soundness refers to the durability of an aggregate in terms of the resistance to weather and is used to indicate how materials will perform when used to build roads and pavement surfaces.

At Scotty’s, we perform tests on all aggregate materials we mine to estimate their resistance to weather. The test is performed by exposing an aggregate sample to repeated immersions in saturated solutions of sodium or magnesium sulfate followed by oven drying. These methods are the first step to ensuring a quality final product.


Full-Service Capabilities

Scotty’s operations are vertically integrated to ensure quality at every stage of the construction process, from project engineering to completion. We utilize the most advanced technologies for increased accuracy and cost savings.