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TS Trucking is a division of Scotty’s that self-performs all material hauling for roadway construction and paving projects. By controlling delivery in-house, Scotty’s is able to drastically reduce or eliminate costly delays that often result from contracted services. Our fleet of 110 tri-axle dump trucks is available to deliver asphalt and remove material when needed, keeping projects moving on time and saving money.

All of Scotty’s trucks are GPS enabled for the purpose of tracking. This real-time information improves scheduling and makes communication between drivers and project teams more fluid. We keep our trucks on the road by maintaining an average vehicle age of just seven years so that reliability is never compromised.

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“I was looking for a job that allowed me to be at home everyday and I like working here. It's close to home and I like the people I work with."
— Ricky Carlyle
“This is by far the best company I've ever worked for. I have great co-workers, great equipment, great hours, benefits and pay. We’re like family. From your co-workers to your bosses, they all are here for you and they care about you.”
— James Jackson
“It's a really good job, a good career, and it allows me to stay close to home. Feeds me and my family well.”
— Tim Woodard
“Great people and great place. At the end of the day you feel appreciated and have something to look forward to the next day.”
— Richard Daugherty


What Sets Scotty's Apart

Our asphalt paving operations are enhanced by our ability to deliver materials quickly when needed. TS Trucking performs at a consistently high level as a result of several differentiators.

Fleet Tracking
Modern Fleet
Fleet Capacity

Fleet Tracking

Each of TS Trucking’s 110 trix-axle dump trucks is equipped with GPS monitoring for real-time location tracking. This feature provides our controllers with real-time, up-to-date information on where vehicles are located and the estimated delivery time.

Our project teams use this information to assist in scheduling related operations that are impacted by delivery times. Improved accuracy of delivery information helps construction and paving teams work more efficiently by utilizing the time available to them.

Modern Fleet

It may seem obvious, but one of the most important factors of running a successful, reliable hauling operation is the reliability of the vehicles themselves. At Scotty’s, one of the steps we take to keep our trucks running efficiently is vehicle age. As a rule, all of our tri-axle dump trucks are less than five years old. We will not keep even a well-running truck in our fleet beyond that age.

We consider this practice an investment, and a worthwhile investment at that. Because it’s challenging enough to coordinate hundreds of pick-ups and deliveries every day. We invest in our trucks so that our teams can focus on the most important part of their job: hauling our materials.

Fleet Capacity

Hauling construction materials for a living is hard work. At Scotty’s, one of the things we believe in providing our customers and drivers is steady work. While other hauling companies either don’t have the work, or don’t have the resources, to work year-round, Scotty’s stays busy all 12 months of the year. This allows our customers access to quality materials and keeps our drivers busy.

We’ve gotten to this point by growing our business consistently over the past decades so that our construction and paving divisions have plenty of backlogged work to keep them busy. The supply chain is an important factor in that process, which Scotty’s is proud to fulfill.


Safety on the Roads and the Jobsite

TS Trucking invests tremendously in the safety of its drivers through training and certification. Their proximity and interaction with the public demand the highest level of awareness, caution, and skill. All of our drivers undergo an initial period of training prior to getting on the road, and are required to complete routine follow-up examinations as long as they’re driving.

Scotty’s also recruiting certified drivers with industry-specific experience. By doing so, we help to protect the safety of our own workers interacting with drivers on the ground and avoid unnecessary incidents.

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TS Trucking offers careers for CDL drivers with dump truck experience in the construction industry. Our hiring program is designed to set drivers on a path to long-term, stable employment year round. It includes detailed orientation, ride along opportunities, and additional training if needed.

Drivers for TS Trucking have access to overtime opportunities, full company benefits, and retirement planning as members of the Houchens Industries ESOP. Work takes place year-round with no risk of seasonal layoff. To see available opportunities, click below.

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