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Scotty’s Contracting & Stone is a leading heavy civil construction contractor experienced in delivering complex transportation and infrastructure projects. We focus on providing accurate project results, ahead of schedule, at the lowest cost to our project owners.

Our portfolio includes many of Kentucky’s most heavily traveled roads, interstates, and airports. Throughout our 50-year history, Scotty’s has completed hundreds of heavy civil construction projects that have helped drive our state’s economy and provided safe transportation to millions of its residents.

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Heavy Civil Construction Capabilities

Our heavy civil construction and engineering teams provide a complete range of services for transport infrastructure projects. We supplement each with advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology for high quality results.

Heavy Highway Construction
Our Heavy Civil crews have built every major highway in the region using a large and diverse fleet of heavy machinery equipped with the latest technology, backed by top engineering teams and supported by a talented workforce.
Sitework: Industrial & Commercial
Capability and Capacity. Scotty's has the resources and experience to get the most economical version of your project started on-time and completed quickly, maintaining accuracy and specifications for an outstanding end result.
Storm Drainage
Scotty's installs underground utilities and water quality measures to control run-off and ensure long-term protection for vital areas nearby.
Aggregate Placement
We grade and compact base layer aggregate with extreme accuracy to prepare for asphalt and concrete paving, resulting in smooth, durable surfaces that withstand heavy traffic.
Design & 3D Modeling
Project success begins with great design. At Scotty's, our Engineers' have vast industry experience and state-of-the-art technology that allows them to construct in depth design and models to provide the best economical version of your project at lightning speed.
Surveying & Mapping
Our expert survey teams' pair advanced technology like drone imaging and GPS measuring with tried-and-true techniques to achieve the highest levels of accuracy in project surveying.
“I knew the university path was not the right fit for me. I had an interest in running heavy equipment and Scotty’s gave me the opportunity to do that. I love the people I work with and I love that I can be outside and learn to operate equipment.”
— Mason Willingham
“Over my 24 years of working, the thing I love most about my job is running the equipment. I enjoy learning new things. I also love working with my coworkers.”
— Scottie Grubb
“The level of civil construction quality is unmatched because we have the best team and we are provided with all the resources and tools we need to provide top notch deliverables. I feel at home here.”
— Rashaud Blake
“Grade and drain is a safety-driven, goal-oriented division. That leads to not only proficient laborers and outstanding operators but great friends and family. This is just a few reasons,I love my job at Scotty’s contracting and stone.”
— Dustin Brasher


What Sets Scotty's Apart

At Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, our construction operations are differentiated by our processes and our approach to adding value with fast delivery and quality assurance in all our subservices.

Value Engineering
Design Accuracy
Quality Products

Value Engineering

Our project teams draw on decades of construction experience, design expertise, and the latest engineering technology to provide the greatest value to our heavy civil construction projects.

We thoroughly examine and evaluate each element of a project and its associated cost. Then, drawing on that information, we communicate with the design team and project owner to find alternative construction solutions or materials that increase the overall project value—either through cost savings, improved quality, enhanced durability, or a combination of all three.

Design Accuracy

Scotty’s creates a three-dimensional, digital rendering of the design plan on every heavy civil project we take on. These models are exact and form the basis of everything we do on the project, from grading to paving. We incorporate the models into the largest automated heavy equipment fleet in the region, the result of which is complete accuracy and design execution.

This is a critical component of how we operate at Scotty’s because it allows us to stay under budget and on schedule with our work. Project owners like the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet understand that they can trust Scotty’s to deliver exactly what they require in the time promised under our contract.

Quality Products

We understand the importance of quality aggregate and stone materials. Everything in the construction process starts with and depends on the durability of the rock used to lay base course and produce asphalt. That’s why we’re committed to supplying Kentucky with the highest quality aggregate and stone materials available.

Scotty’s uses in-depth, industry leading methods for testing our aggregate quality. Our mining operations communicate closely with our quality control technicians to identify high quality material sources, and we take controlled measures to wash and clean materials used for asphalt production.


Protecting Our People

At Scotty’s, we believe that for a project to be successful it must be safe. That’s not just something we say because it sounds nice. We view safety to be an integral part of our operations, as vital to a project’s success as the design itself. As a result, detailed safety analysis and planning is included in Phase One of every project review. Only after a detailed safety plan is implemented does construction begin.

Scotty’s commitment to safety is reflected by our record and our numerous safety awards from state and industry agencies. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of protection we provide for our people and the public.

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Build A Project

Build A Project

Scotty’s Contracting & Stone is a preferred heavy civil construction contractor among state agencies, local municipalities, and private developers alike. Our work ranges from complex, multi-year interstate projects to smaller commercial sitework contracts with regional developers. To every project we take on, Scotty’s brings the highest commitment to quality and building positive business relationships.

Our teams routinely bid roadway and sitework projects of all sizes scopes. We are available for consultation to explore whether Scotty’s is the right fit for a project.

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Scotty’s Contracting & Stone has completed hundreds of roadway and sitework projects throughout Kentucky. Here are examples of some of our recent work.