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For decades, we’ve built our company’s reputation by providing construction services and products of high quality throughout Kentucky. That reputation is maintained today by the commitment of every Scotty employee and by the efforts of our Quality Control division to stay on the cutting edge of QC processes.

Our QC team is involved in our construction processes, beginning with site testing during the early stages of engineering. We employ the latest soundness and durability testing methods at our aggregate facilities and test high-quality mixes inside our AASHTO-accredited lab. We use advanced methods for field testing to guarantee quality during the application phase.

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Quality Control Capabilities

Scotty’s performs a complete range of QC services for roadway transportation paving, aggregate processing, and construction. We use modern technology to guarantee quality, durability, and driveability for the public.

Asphalt Mix Design
Our in-house mix design team develops and tests asphalt mixes for projects of all specifications inside Scotty’s state-of-the-art AASHTO-accredited laboratory. Our designs have earned approval from agencies including the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC).
Recycled Asphalt Pavement
Asphalt is the most recycled material used in civil construction today. Scotty’s Quality Control teams push the envelope of mix design to create asphalt containing up to 30 percent recycled material in an effort to improve the sustainability of our operations.
Performance Testing
Our Quality Control division uses multiple processes to test the performance of both our asphalt products and the raw aggregate materials we process. We test for soundness and durability to ensure long-lasting products that will serve the public for generations.
Environmental Testing
We are deeply involved in environmental testing on our project sites and our manufacturing facilities. Our goal is to protect our natural resources and surroundings by controlling factors like run-off, emissions, and traffic impact.
Permit & Compliance
Our Quality Control division is responsible for adhering to all regulatory permit and compliance requirements. These extensive guidelines require high levels of documentation and the on-going education and training of our employees.
Industry Education
Scotty’s commitment to quality extends beyond the reaches of our company to include fellow contractors and the industry’s governing agencies. We host public QC trainings and seminars to share ideas and educate our partners.
“I love working in quality because I get to make sure the roads we are driving on with our families are up to spec and will last.”
— Courtney Kidd
“I enjoy working in quality because I feel what I do helps Scotty’s deliver a good product to our customers. I like the combination of a hands-on job and technical analysis.”
— Joseph Angerer
“I love working in Quality Control because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment! When I see the finished product, and know everything that went into it from start to finish, It really makes me proud to be part of the process.”
— Stephen Goodbar


What Sets Scotty's Apart

Our Quality Control efforts are differentiated by our team’s expertise, testing and design facilities, and continued training within the industry. We strive to exceed the high standards we set for ourselves and the surfaces we pave.


AASHTO Accreditation

Scotty’s owns and operates a state-of-the-art design and testing laboratory as part of its Quality Control division. Our lab earned accreditation from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2021 in recognition of our commitment to quality.

Accredited labs undergo third-party assessments to evaluate the ability to perform quality control tests with high levels of accuracy and precision. As an accredited lab, Scotty’s is qualified to design and produce mixes for airports and other tightly regulated projects.


Innovation doesn’t only apply to construction and paving processes, it’s also key to improving quality control practices. At Scotty’s, innovation is in our blood, and we apply our passion for developing newer and better methods of doing things to our quality control team.

Whether we’re testing hot-mix designs created by our asphalt plant teams, testing the aggregate materials we mine for durability and soundness, or testing dirt samples on our civil construction sites, our Quality Control teams are constantly examining their methods and processes to discover new opportunities for improvement.


We sincerely believe in the importance of quality control on public infrastructure projects, whether the work is being performed by Scotty’s or anyone else. By extension, we believe we have a responsibility to be transparent in our methods, and to educate within our industry to increase quality control on all projects.

To help spread knowledge and inform our industry partners of our QC practices, we regularly invite members of the public, transportation agencies, and even high school and college students to visit our QC facilities and learn more about what we do. It’s a valuable step in raising the bar on quality in the construction industry.


Training Our Industry Partners

Scotty’s routinely hosts Quality Control education events onsite at its facilities. These events include invitees from KYTC and other governing agencies, as well as high school and university groups. Our company uses them to advance understanding of QC regulations and foster an active community of experts to share ideas and promote the industry overall.

Our team conducts advanced materials classes for industry partners, as well as facility tours to general audiences. As an industry leader, we believe it is beneficial to improving communication and inspiring the next generation of Quality Control professionals here in Kentucky.

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Scotty’s Contracting & Stone is a Quality Control specialist among state agencies, local municipalities, and private developers alike. Our team and facilities are qualified to perform a range of tests in environments including asphalt plants, paving operations, quarries, and earthwork projects. We’re committed to serving the public and building positive business relationships through quality testing.

Our teams routinely bid projects of all sizes and are available for consultation to explore whether Scotty’s is the right fit for a project.

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