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This simple but powerful mantra ties back to Scotty’s roots starting in 1972 as an asphalt paving contractor. 50 years later, Scotty’s commitment to quality is every bit as evident in our paving work as it was back then. We are still paving the smoothest, most durable roads anywhere in the state.

Today, Scotty’s employs more than 14 full-time paving crews to meet the volume of service needed by the state. Our teams utilize the latest equipment and technology in the field for supreme evenness and drivability. We also supplement our processes with top-quality asphalt designed and mixed in-house, as well as thorough quality control measures. The result is award-winning quality surfaces, paved to last for decades.

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Asphalt Paving Capabilities

Scotty’s asphalt paving teams provide a complete range of services for roadway transportation paving. We use modern technology to guarantee quality, durability, and driveability for the public.

Our paving division performs milling services to remove old or existing asphalt surfaces, which is often used to make Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP).
Every year, Scotty’s paves hundreds of miles of asphalt roadway surfaces throughout Kentucky as one of the state’s leading hot-mix producers.
Specialty Surfaces
Our portfolio of paving projects includes specialty surfaces like racetracks, airport runways and taxiways, and others that require specific applications.
Our construction and paving teams have completed runway and taxiway projects at airports including Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport.
Race Tracks
Scotty's Contracting & Stone was the contractor of choice for the renowned Corvette Track at the NCM Motorsports Park.
Traffic Control
Scotty’s develops detailed traffic control plans for every paving project to ensure the safety of our team members and the public.


“I love working in asphalt paving because you’re never on one job very long you get to move around and see new scenery. No matter how much experience you have, there’s always more to learn and room to grow.”
— Brandon Spinks
“I enjoy my job at Scotty's because each day is a new challenge. Whether we're bringing new life back to an old street or creating a road where there wasn't one before, I feel like every day I'm pushed to be my best self in my profession.”
— Chase Cooper
“I’ve been an employee of Scotty’s for 16 years. I enjoy the paving and asphalt industry because of the change of scenery and the challenges daily. We get to see the transformation of our county and surrounding counties for the better.”
— Jason Nunn
“I wake up every morning excited to go to work for many reasons, but the biggest is that after completing a job I look back at the finished product and it’s something that I am proud of.”
— Jake Martin


What Sets Our Paving Teams Apart

Our asphalt paving operations are differentiated by the quality of our materials and the expertise of our crews. We work diligently to exceed the high standards we set for ourselves and the surfaces we pave.

3D Technology & Thermal Imaging
Large-Scale Capacity
Vertical Integration

3D Milling & Paving

We outfit our milling and paving machines with 3D devices also known as Automated Machine Guidance technology (AMG). These control the vertical position of a machine’s components and will automatically adjust elevation and slope to match exact specifications of any project—resulting in less wasted material, more cost savings, and better accuracy of the final product.

3D milling is especially important for ensuring overall surface smoothness. Milling at a uniform depth helps to eliminate flaws on the base level, creating an even foundation for paving crews to build on. Scotty’s surfaces are consistently within millimeters of design specifications.

Large-Scale Capacity

Scotty’s asphalt paving teams run year-round on projects of all sizes and scopes, from small parking lot restoration projects to large-scale civil construction improvements. Our depth of resources allows our paving operations to be responsive to the needs of Kentucky’s citizens and communities, mobilizing quickly to perform work when it’s needed most.

Our paving equipment fleet consists of more than 160+ pieces of state-of-the-art heavy equipment, and our network of 13 asphalt plants allows us to streamline delivery of high-quality asphalt to jobsites throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

Vertical Integration

One of the biggest challenges in asphalt paving isn’t the paving itself but the logistics involved in transporting hot-mix when needed and maintaining the correct temperature of the product for placement. Late delivery of asphalt, or delivery before a paving crew is ready for laydown, can result in wasted material and production delays that impact profitability.

Scotty’s manages those challenges by controlling the complete supply chain—from aggregate mining to asphalt production, delivery to paving. Our teams communicate with each other closely to avoid surprises and collectively respond and adjust to unexpected changes in plan. The result is less wasted product, paved on time, every time.


Award-Winning Quality

Scotty’s asphalt paving projects have earned many of the most prestigious awards in our industry from national organizations including the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). In the last 20 years, Scotty’s has received the NAPA Quality in Construction recognition on more than 40 projects. Twice during that time we were named finalists for the Sheldon G. Hayes Award. In 2009, Scotty’s received the Ray Brown Award, the top-rated airport pavement project, for the paving on Runway 3-21 at Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport.

Our teams take tremendous pride in these recognitions, which are the result of countless hours spent perfecting and honing our processes.

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Scotty’s Contracting & Stone is a preferred asphalt paving contractor among state agencies, local municipalities, and private developers alike. Our work ranges from complex, multi-year interstate projects to smaller commercial sitework contracts with regional developers. To every project we take on, Scotty’s brings the highest commitment to quality and building positive business relationships.

Our teams routinely bid projects of all sizes and are available for consultation to explore whether Scotty’s is the right fit for a paving project.

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Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Scotty’s Contracting & Stone has completed hundreds of asphalt paving projects throughout Kentucky. Here are examples of some of our recent work.