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Construction quality starts with the materials used for building. At Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, we process and sell the highest quality aggregates and stone materials to customers with a variety of needs—from large-scale contractors in charge of multi-million dollar highway projects to individual homeowners tackling DYI landscaping projects over the weekend.

Our materials include crushed stone of various sizes, decorative stone, and sand. We test all of our products for soundness and durability using the industry’s most advanced methods, and we thoroughly wash all materials on-site to maintain quality for use in asphalt or concrete manufacturing.

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Quarry Locations

Scotty’s owns and operates six state-of-the-art quarries and mine locations in Kentucky. Our management team at each location is available to assist with orders or answer any questions you may have.

Allen County Quarry
2438 East Old State Rd
Scottsville, Kentucky 42164
Barren County Quarry
1140 Flint Knob Rd
Cave City, Kentucky 42127
Grayson County Quarry
450 Quarry RD
Leitchfield, Kentucky 42754
Greenville Quarry
9170 State Rt 171
Greenville, Kentucky 42345
Hart County Quarry
1594 East Main St
Horse Cave, Kentucky 42749
Madisonville Stone Yard
3444 Hubert Reid Rd
Madisonville, Kentucky 42431
Monroe County Quarry
490 Rock Crusher Rd
Tompkinsville, Kentucky 42167
Vine Grove Stone Yard
3355 Hill St
Vine Grove, Kentucky 40175


Available Products

Crushed aggregates are available for order through each of our locations. We offer a variety of classifications and sizes, washed on-site in a controlled environment.

Used for road base and lateral line
  • 2 1/2" Clean stone
Used for raoad base and lateral line
  • 2" Clean stone
Used for road base and lateral line
  • 1 1/2" Clean stone
Used for road base and lateral line
  • 1" Clean stone
#8, #9
Used for asphalt, top coat for driveways, and walking paths
  • 3/8" Clean stone
Used for drivways, parking lots, and backfill for sub surface drains
  • 3/4" Clean stone
Used for concrete mixtures, drivways, parking lots, and backfill for sub surface drains
  • 1/2" Clean stone
Agricultural Lime
Soil Additive for farm and garden use
Channel Lining Class I
No more than 20% passing the 1 1/2" for erosion control
  • Top size up to 5"
  • Erosion Control
Channel Lining Class III
No more than 20% passing the 8" for erosion control
  • Top size up to 15"
  • Erosion Control
Commercial Base (610's)
Used for driveways and parking lots for compaction
  • 1" down to dust
Used for driveways and parking lots when compaction is needed
  • 1 1/2" to dust
Used for driveways and parking lots when compaction is needed
  • 3/4" to dust
Manufactured Limestone Sand
Used for pipe bedding and asphalt sand
  • 1/4" and under
RIP RAP / Channel Lining Class II
No more than 20% passing the 5" for erosion control
  • Top size up to 8"
  • Erosion Control
Shot Rock
Used for fill
  • 24" and under
Used for backfill and road stabilization
  • 4" and under

Product Calculator

Product Calculator

Our experts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and work together to guarantee the right material order for your project. If you know the dimensions of your area, you can decide the size of your order by using the calculator below.

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Estimated tons:
Estimated cubic yards:
  • Please note that product estimates vary depending on supply and demand.
  • Contact our sales team for specific project requirements


“I love helping people and have worked in public work most of my life. Scotty’s provides me an opportunity to do that on top of working with a group of people that has the same values and care as I do.”
— Tammy Eskridge
“I love my job because I come in everyday and get treated more like family than just another co-worker.”
— Trevor Saltsman


What Sets Scotty’s Apart

Our quarry and aggregate division is distinguished by the quality of our materials and the expertise of our mining and sales teams. We work diligently to provide the best materials and services possible.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

We understand the importance of quality aggregate and stone materials. Everything in the construction process starts with and depends on the durability of the rock used to lay base course and produce asphalt. That’s why we’re committed to supplying Kentucky with the highest quality aggregate and stone materials available, and it all comes down to testing.

Scotty’s uses in-depth, industry leading methods for testing our aggregate quality. Our mining operations communicate closely with our quality control technicians to identify high quality material sources, and we take controlled measures to wash and clean materials used for asphalt production.

Environmental Stewardship

At Scotty’s, our quarry teams work diligently to improve our processes to be environmentally sustainable and reduce our impact on the neighboring community. We believe our company has an obligation to future generations to work responsibly by conserving the resources used by our industry.

We do this by exceeding federal and state environmental regulations, taking measures to prevent dust and run-off from contaminating nearby streams, and improving the efficiency of our operations. We pilot programs often to explore new areas of technology like electric equipment and solar energy.


Not only is Scotty’s the premier supplier of quality aggregate and stone products in Kentucky, we have the resources to continue supplying our customers for decades to come. All seven of our surface and underground mines are evaluated to have more than 50 years of available aggregates, guaranteeing not only Scotty’s future but our ability to continue supplying our customers.

Resource longevity doesn’t just come down to quantity. It also depends on responsible mining practices. At Scotty’s we take a long view of our role in the construction industry and our communities, and we plan ahead to ensure resources are used responsibly.


Safety Above Ground and Below

Scotty’s maintains a robust safety program to protect the men and women who operate our quarries and mining facilities. It starts with training to help identify common hazards and to work in a manner that eliminates unnecessary risk.

Additionally our safety program focuses on providing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the environmental risks associated with quarries and mines. These items help protect visibility and hearing, as well as prevent inhalation of dust and other irritants. We are committed to protecting the lives of our dedicated team members who make these operations successful.

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Our sales team is trained to provide quality service for our customers. If you’re starting a project or interested in learning more about the materials we offer, contact any of our quarry locations to speak with one of our sales representatives. If you’re not sure which quarry is closest to you, contact our main office and we’ll connect you to the location nearest you or your project.

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