Our Purpose

We believe that quality infrastructure paves the way for our communities to connect and thrive.


What We Stand For

The work we do at Scotty’s is vital to Kentucky and the millions of people who live here. We’re proud of that fact, and humbled by our responsibility to build safe, reliable infrastructure. These core values guide us on our mission to help grow and improve our region.


Put Community First

We bring our best to work everyday to serve friends, families, and communities. They are the heartbeat behind everything we do.


Work as a Team

Our strength comes from working together from field to office. We always have each other’s backs.


Set the Bar

We hold ourselves to the highest standards—professionally and personally. As a team, we are always seeking to push the limits of our abilities.


Tech-Driven to Deliver

Whether it's 3D mapping or just a shovel, we believe in using the proper instrument for the job. At Scotty’s, we fill our toolbox with an assortment of technologies to achieve the best result in every situation.

Our process starts with 3D maps created by our engineering team for accurate planning and construction. Design information is linked to GPS tracking tools on our equipment for precision, and our asphalt mix design team uses advanced QC methods for superior durability.

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Quality Starts With Safety

At Scotty’s, we believe that for a project to be successful it must be safe. That’s not just something we say because it sounds nice. We view safety to be an integral part of our operations, as vital to a project’s success as the design itself. Scotty’s overall company objective is to develop a reputation for excellence and to be known throughout the industry, community, and the region for being World Class in the area of Safety.

Scotty’s will relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and excellence in projects, products, processes, and services, with the ultimate objective of being widely known as the best.

construction worker taking a picture

How We Work Safe

Commitment to Safety
Scotty's Contracting & Stone is committed to providing all employees a safe and healthful working environment. The company will strive to comply with applicable federal, state and local safety laws and regulations.
Employee Safety
The company recognizes that our people drive the business. As the most critical resource, employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work conditions, and procedures that promote protection of health and safety.
Public Safety
The safety of our employees and the traveling public depends on safe and efficient flow of traffic through our highway construction zones. Scotty’s is committed to the highest industry standards regarding Motor Vehicle Operations & Work Zone Safety.


Awards & Recognition

Our commitment to quality has earned us many of our industry’s highest honors. While that’s not the reason we strive for excellence, we’re proud of the recognition our team has received throughout the years.

2021 Quality in Construction

Wendell H Ford-Western KY Parkway in Grayson County

2021 Quality in Construction

I-65 in Bowling Green

2021 Quality in Construction

US 65, KY 109 and US 41A in Hopkins County

2021 Safety Merit Award

83,884 Man-Hours - “No Lost Workdays” for Plant Operations

2015 Quality in Construction

U.S. 68 and U.S. 68X in Logan County

2015 Quality in Construction

Glasgow Outer Loop in Barren County

2015 Quality in Construction

I-65 in Barren and Hart Counties

2015 KAHC Life Member

James D. Scott (Scotty)

2015 Safety Merit Award

95,156 Man-Hours - “No Lost Workdays” for Plant Operations


Scotty’s 50-Year Legacy of Building Kentucky

Scotty’s Contracting & Stone has been a defining presence in Kentucky for more than half a century. Since 1972, we’ve shaped our region by completing thousands of roadway infrastructure projects. Our work has helped drive the economy and enabled residents to build the lives they want for themselves and their families.
As our company has grown, so has our home state of Kentucky. Together, our entwined histories form a roadmap of development which has brought economic stability to Scotty’s employees and millions of state residents.

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Partnering Associations

Scotty’s maintains strong relationships with many of the industry's leading agencies and associations. These push our teams to meet or exceed the highest quality and operational standards.

Community Commitment

Scotty’s in the Community


Employees Volunteer 500+ Hours Annually

Our team members are highly active within our community, volunteering more than 500 collective hours annually to help a broad range of service and charity organizations.

These efforts are tremendously impactful on the lives of our neighbors and fellow community members, as well as our employees. We believe in the power of volunteering time and energy to improve our quality of life and add meaning to our work.

Employee Donation Drive Events

Each year, Scotty’s holds internal donation drives for local charity organizations like Red Cross and Salvation Army. Our employees set up collection bins in our main offices and plant locations for non-perishable food items, clothing, and basic necessities like personal hygiene products.

These efforts, which often involve a level of internal competition among departments, have resulted in the donation of thousands of items which have assisted members of our community in need.


We don’t just build roads, we also help maintain them with organized cleanup activities. We collect garbage and waste that has accumulated along the roadsides to help improve the appearance of our roads and combat pollution of the environment.

Cleanup efforts are a simple but important part of how Scotty’s engages with local communities, taking ownership and accountability of improving where we live.